Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PW & SL & Marymount

HELLO S19ers.
Glad that we've all finished our OP today!
*celebration mood*
And many thanks to ms. Ye as well.

Now, there are three things:
1. GPF;
2. Marymount;
3. SL Day.

1. GPF
The I&R needs to be handed up on tomorrow, Wednesday!
The File needs to be handed up on next week Monday!
All your PI's, EoM's, I&R's and GPP needs to be in it!

2. Marymount
It is on the 15th December, 10 am to 12 am!
So far, Gabriel, Daryl, Pamela, Lois, Jing yan, Vanessa have signed up!
If more of you are going, please inform -!

3. Service Learning Day 2009
We need the names of three centres, of whihc one we will visit!
If you have suggestions, please inform me! (eg. Jo has a suggests going to a place she knows and recommends)
Of course, Marymount would be one in three names!
Be excited!

Okay, enjoy the rest of the holiday!!



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