Sunday, September 14, 2008



some people were wondering why donkey, its just another word for ass.

this blog is really quite dead, so im just here to repeat what timo said.

study hard guys,
mug so much your eyes drop out after promos.
(then next year dont need to take a levels! xDD)
then dump our report card at the faces of teachers who keep bringing us down, no matter for what.
if you all need help, we have our fellow class genius-es like jo and timo and wl ETC.

when the promos are over,
we can go home-visiting to everyone's house,
fishing @ ECP,
night cycling,
go rock climbing,
and yeah.

i know our class can do one well la.
everyone shall get the marks and points they desire.((:

im praying hard for all of us,
add oil (healthy one, like canola oil) and all the best lovelies! :D


p.s. i found out why hello in spanish is (oleh)olleh.
cause thats hello spelt backwards.
HAHA.very very random. XD
and i dont know whether its really true or not. =P


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