Friday, July 18, 2008

Hello everybody! :)

Today we had our short class outing after SAJC Student Council Commendation 2008 & it was good in the sense that all of us took the trouble to come! Too bad we missed Diana & Mann - OCIP Prep Camp, ! I won't say 08S19 is VERY very bonded, like how some other classes may have proclaimed their class to be but we're quite an okay class i think... Well, we had fun in our own way or another, & yeah it was great for me la so yeah Good Job DARYL!~

For Diana & Mann - Suffering/Having damn great fun at your OCIP camp and surviving and making new friends, blah blah blah + all of your really hectic cca stuff okay!

For Jingyan & Meiwei, jiayou with Dance okay! I know you guys always have to join us a while, and zao for Dance, which is definitely tiring & strenuous manz! But all the best hor, GOGOGO! J

To the FPSP boys - Pin2 Dong2 Ge2 Li2 .... If any of you read this before tmr ha ha, good luck for your FPSPz tmr okay omg don't panic k just, GO ALL OUT ? :D You know you guys can do it one, the smarty people! Don't worry I'll be singing & praying for you all at the same time..... ha ha ha!

By the way, Good Job to SC people - Pin2 Li2 omg you guys were damn serious looking and... 'nice' hair ah both of you HAHAHA yeah I'll remember that you both are MY SERVANT LEADERS k so yeah please fulfill your duties, Pin2 a cup of orange juice please? Hahaha!

Rockclimbers - Dong2 Cassie Nic, whoever who has whichever division competition DO TRY YOUR BEST! Hahaha I know nothing about rocks but be careful of ropeburn or whatever k I can't freaking climb! yay so jiayou whoohoo!

And, Cassie I'm waiting for your pictures okay ha ha you can 1) photobucket 2) 3) gmail 4) msn sharing folders - this we need telepathy, when you're done okay!

Once again, thank you Jo for your very pretty layout ! SO CUTE SIA HAHAHA!

Love you all, Daryl Yong Pin Lois Wei Li Woei Xin Cassandra Mei Wei Jocelyn Jing Yan Vanessa Nicholas Samantha Jolena Zheng Da Darren Gabriel Diana Pamela Timothy Mann!~
(Sorry ah has to be divided by PW groups cos I'm a bit used to visualising the class like that haha)

Btw I'm quite certain that nobody will read this post by today BUT NVM K MY WORDS/WISHES/SMILEYFACES WILL BE SENT TO YOU ALL IN UR DREAMS OR WHATEVER HAHAHA! =)

Omg don't be too touched and :'( or something k, Ha ha I used th internet just to post this k! (AO!) Bye bye & luv you all!~

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