Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Service Learning Day

Oh yea! Before I go off and have another long hectic day, just wanna say thanks loads and lots and loads to everyone who came down today to the centre. yea. It's been great fun, and an interesting new experience for me. I thought the giant animal painting was fun! =P
Ms. Fun said she was very happy with our performance, and she was happy that the children were happy. =D
I hope you guys had truck-load of fun, and train-load of new experience. =P
And, also, since it was part of my group's project work, we would like to say thanks to all of you too!
Okay, for the materials that we used, shu fa brush, ink, sushi stuff, giraffe plastic cardboard, glue, marker, each of us need to contribute two dollars. Okay, so when school re-opens, we'll just take that from the class fund? or something?
Okay, that's about it.


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