Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Class Relay System

Hello S19, we hae decided to come up with a Class Relay System, so that we can spend less money on sms. =P
It was created 'cause some people suggested it to us, and we thought it would be more convenient for us, and us as a class.
Yes, and it helps make sure that everyone gets the message.

The relay system is as such:
1. Person A sends message to CRS group leaders.
2. Message is passed down till the last person in the group.
3. Last person in the group send the message back to the Person A.
4. Start the message with "CRS: blah blah blah... "
5. The groupings are as such :

Hui Hui - Pamela - Lois
Mann - Diana
Samantha - Jolena
Mei Wei - Jing Yan - Jocelyn
Vanessa - Zheng Da - Woei Xin
Nicholas - Darren
Wei Li - Yong Pin
Daryl - Gabriel
(names in bold are CRS group leaders)
(the group leaders' number will not be posted on this blog)

The CRS is meant to help us relay messages better to each other, so if you have any suggestions, or you don't like your grouping, or you wanna change group, whatever the case, please let me know. okay? can.

L O V E,


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