Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Service Learning Day

Hello people!
We need to put our brains together and think of something for the Service Learning Day.
The four main items are: (as I said on the previous post)
1. Giant Painting
2. Revision Time
3. Study Time
4. Surprise

For Giant Painting, we just need to get a large mahjong paper and draw some animal on it.

For Revision Time, the person i/c wants us to take care of the P5 students for their Chinese enrichment. So we've gotta plan something for Chinese enrichment; Mann Diana and I were thinking we do a chinese idiom word matching(split the idiom into two, them make them match the words), then some shu fa (Chinese traditional writing), and I suggested Chinese hangman. =P
We need more ideas, so please give your input.
Other than Chinese enrichment for P5's, we need to teach the rest other subjects, so just revise your primary school stuffs. o.O

For Study time, it's pretty much the same as revision time. Also make sure that they complete their holiday assignments. Chinese enrichment for p3's

Surprise!! This is the segment where we get to do our very own stuff, sooo... we need to plan it out, make it fun! and have fun! yea! so Any ideas, just shoot.

Summary: need ideas for Chinese enrichment, need ideas for Surprise.
So, , we discuss this during class on friday yea!

I'm going to m'sia till sat, so cya!

L O V E,


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