Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Service Learning Day

Hello S19!
This is Timothy. =)
I have contacted the people at Marymount.
I've talked to Sook Fun at the Good Shepherd Children Centre,
and she has allowed us to go to the centre next Tuesday, 3rd June.

They do not allow us to take care of the children for the day,
so we can only join them in what they have already prepared for the children.
We do not plan to do anything major, but we do need to prepare some small things.
This is what the teachers there have already planned for that day:

0700 - we are open
0700~0800 - indoor play
0800~0830 - breakfast
0830~0900 - care & connect
0900~1000 - outdoor play
1000~1200 - Giant painting
1200~1300 - Shower/Lunch
1300~1345 - revision *Chinese Enrichment for p5 only
1345~1500 - Nap (go outside)
1500~1630 - study time *Chinese Enrichment for p3 only
1630~1730 - Tea break/area cleaning
1730~1830 - Surprise
1830~1900 - Gettting ready to go
1900 - Good bye

We will reach there at 9.00am, in time to join them with outdoor play.
It will probably be hide and seek, or catching. whatever.
It's up to the kids to decide.
The major items we are involved in are:
1. Giant Painting
2. Revision Time
3. Study Time
4. Surprise

1. Giant Painting:
We need to come up with a large life-size animal for the children to paint on.
In other words, a large paper with a picture of an animal,
so that children can paint it or paste magazine on it.

2. Revision Time:
The children need to complete their holiday assignment. (priority)
Those who are good in Chinese could teach the children Chinese.
Mrs. Sook Fun said that only 5 people would be needed to teach the children,
the rest can go do other stuffs. =)

3. Study Time:
Same as revision time. Complete their holiday assignments. Teach stuff.
Teach Chinese. (priority) Only 5 people needed. (most likely)
It's usually one-to-three kinda thing.

4. Surprise:
We can do whatever activity we have planned.
Some sort of mini-competition.
Sports game? Totally up to you guys.

During the nap time, we are not to disturb the kids at all,
so Mrs. Sook Fun suggested that we go outside and drink coffee. =P

1. Large papers with animals drawn on it.
2. Games to play with them.
3. Be ready to them.
4. Be ready to clean up the place maybe. =P

Some general rule: (as specified by Mrs. Sook Fun)
1. No exchange of handphone numbers, email address.
2. No letting of girls sitting on laps of our boys.

Some information about the centre:
1. Usually 70+ children
2. ~40 children during holidays
3. Childrens are from p1 to p6
4. 10~20% are from needy family/ single-parent
5. 5 teachers : 2 relief teacher, 3 full-time teacher.
6. There's a big backyard, 5~6 small classrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 dining room, 2 containers.
7. The children wear home clothes.
8. 95% of the children are girls. =P

I'll just list down who has confirmed with me that they are coming:
1. Cassandra
2. Pamela
3. Diana
4. Hui Hui
5. Jolena
6. Samantha
7. Woei Xin
8. Vanessa
9. Darren
10. Timothy
11. Nicholas
12. Gabriel
13. Lois
14. Zheng Da
15. Jocelyn
*Ms. Ye says that CCA's supercede Service Learning Day,
so those who have CCA's on that day won't be able to join us. =(

Okay, that's about all that I can tell you.
Have a good week ahead. And we need to meet up on monday (for those who can)
and prepare whatever.

L O V E,


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