Thursday, October 15, 2009

hello hello hello! i want to be the first to say THANKS EVERYONE for making an effort to come down today as a class and have fun as a class. its really gladden-ing to see us all enjoying ourselves together be it through games, camwhorring or EATINGGGGG one last time before the a levels come.

i had a really really great time today, and special thanks to ZHOU TAI, DARYL and TIMO for planning this whole thing out, it wasnt easy to come to a consensus and with the whole crazy weather a beach outing wasnt exactly the most easiest of all outings to plan butttttt it turned out pretty awesome! :D

thanks to the rest of you who did your part by bringing all the sausages, fishcakes, fried rice, JELLY, meat, peanut butter, and all of you who prepared small little presents for the class for graduation!

we found out several things today:
1. out of the top of my mind, the thing that caught me most, was ZOMGGGG MR ANG IS SOME SHUAI GE EHHHHHHH! XD
2. timo can be a really great model.
3. lois' (mum? sorry im not sure :P ) makes really good fried rice.
4. our class is so spoilt we must set our mats on cement rather than sand even though we're at the beach.

anything else to add?

oh yes,
congrats to our class for being the guai gias of this batch, i dont see any other class sweeping the conduct awards as easily as ours man.

well im really sleepy now, goodnight friends. 08s19 up and on. (:


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