Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Some updates for you guys!
MATH TEST is coming up: Thursday, Inequalities and Linear Equations.
CHEM TEST is coming up: Not sure when, Kinetics I think.
BIO TEST is coming up: Next Thursday, Isolating, Cloning, Sequencing.
ECONS TEST is coming up: Not sure when, =)
PROJECT WORK: Mr. Wee, English HoD will be sitting in for our PW lesson this Friday. =)
PROJECT WORK: Ms. Ye wants EoM by Friday, with article attached.
BIO TUTORIAL: The answer to tutorial chapter 11 will be given this week, so we are expected to read through the answers and understand the topic better. There will be only 1 lesson on Monday to clarify anything regarding Isolating, Cloning, Sequencing.

Okay, that means life is though!! Hahaha!
Live Hard All!

L O V E,


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