Thursday, May 22, 2008

JC1 H2 Maths

Common Test

Date: 25th June 2008

Topics: Chapter 1 to 8(Inequalities)

Format: One paper consisting of about 9 questions of different lengths and marks based on the topics tested. You will be expected to answer all questions.

Duration: 2 hours

Total Marks: 70 marks (this will contribute 20% to the overall marks for the Promotional Exam)

Note: A formulae list(with formulae for Binomial expansion and Partial fractions decomposition) will be provided.

How to prepare for the Common Test?

>Revise lecture notes and tutorials.
>Practice the questions from every topics tested in the Revision Package.
>Do the Practice Paper in the Revision Package. For each practice, time yourself, and complete the paper within 2 hours.
>Arrange consultation sessions with your tutors if you need extra help.

Important Dates

Revision Lecture - 26th May (Mon) 12~1pm , CC
Revision Lecture - 27th May (Tues) 9~10am, CC
Mock Common Test 0 16th June (Mon) 9~10am, CC

Other Information

>The solutions for the tutorials 1 to 8 will be made available on SAJC MODDLE on 23rd May 2008.
>The solutions for the Revision Package will be made available on SAJC MODDLE on 9th June 2008.
>For the Revision Package, topics/questions that are NOT TESTED in Common Test:
-Chapter 9
-Chapter 10
-Practice Paer 1 (Qn. 8)
-Practice Paer 3 (Qn. 4, 9, 10(a))
-Practice Paer 4 (Qn. 7)
-Practice Paer 5 (Qn. 4)

p.s - subject rep will post notices concerning their respective subjects in future.


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