Friday, May 16, 2008

GOOD GAME S19 !!!! :D

hello my lovely classmates!!!! i just want to say ALL OF U DID SUPER WELL TODAY IN CAPTAIN'S BALL!!!! U REALLY PLAYED WELL MY DEARS!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

i think we were quite bonded as a class thru the game and we beat S11! :) i think all of u r ultra cool classmates. :D :D

dont be bothered by all the molest cases! hahahaha. THEY ANYHOW SHOUT MOLEST LAH. we wouldnt want to touch them. lol. S19 is so not a pervert class rite! i think it's just quite a touchy game and there will be accidents lor... ok but actually they say molest is quite exaggerated! but ANYWAY all of u peeps did super well k!!!!! like protecting the ball with ur whole life. haha. it's actually quite funny but :D

3 CHEERS FOR 0eightASS19! haha.


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